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Good afternoon Chapter 141,

We have some good news regarding southwest border TDYs. We finally have a common sense approach to assigning people to certain locations. This will hopefully lead to more volunteers.

NTEU and CBP have reached an agreement to allow employees who volunteer for a SWB TDY to state a preference for their TDY assignment. The MOU is now subject to Agency Head Review before it goes into effect.

Since the start of Operation Southern Support, NTEU has been pushing CBP to incentivize the TDY to promote volunteers and avoid drafting employees. As a result, in May 2023, CBP agreed to bargain with NTEU over a process that allows employees to volunteer for a specific TDY location.

I am pleased to inform you that the parties have executed the attached Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that memorializes a location preference process. The highlights of the MOU are as follows.

With each SWB TDY solicitation, starting after the effective date of the MOU, CBP will identify the POEs that have TDY positions available, provide a general description of the POEs operating hours, and specify whether AWS shifts are available so that employees can make informed decisions before volunteering for a certain location.

If an employee chooses to volunteer for the TDY, the employee may identify up to two (2) location preferences and placement will be determined by seniority.

If an employee’s location preference cannot be accommodated, the employee will also identify whether the employee will accept an assignment to any TDY location or withdraw from volunteering for the TDY (but subject to being drafted).

The MOU also memorializes the parties’ July 2022 agreement to allow for 30-day TDY tours for employees who volunteered for a past TDY and/or worked at the SWB within the last two (2) years. However, the MOU makes clear that mid-way solicitations are not subject to location preferences.

Thank you all for your membership.

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